Innovation Tools

Based on the process of user-driven innovation IDEA has developed and collected a set of tools for each phase of the process.

Take off

The first step in the innovation process is to define the purpose of your innovation. Focus Your Search is the starting point. Know what you are looking for – but be open about where you look!

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Download 3 tool sheets for Take Off (PDF)

Market and society

The next step of the innovation process is to search for and collect general information about markets, segments, trends etc. to get an overall idea about the context where the innovation must fit in.

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Download 6 tool sheets for Market and society (PDF)

Understanding the user

The third step of the innovation process is zooming in on the user. Understanding the real live person behind the abstract segment label.

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Download 13 tool sheets for Understanding the user (PDF)

Creative techniques

The fourth step is the creative process of ideation, improvement and evaluation of ideas. You will find tools for five phases of the creative process: Focus, Generate, Sort, Develop, Evaluate.

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Download 22 tool sheets with Creative Techniques (PDF)

Concept development

When you have developed and selected the idea that you find most promising, the fifth step of the innovation process is to build a concept and business model around your idea. Take it from idea to business in other words.

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Concept Evaluation

The final step before execution is to take a critical view on your concept. It is time to evaluate the need, the solution, the business model, technology, competition, partnerships and realizability.

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Download toolsheets for Concept Evaluation (PDF)…