Innovation Camp

Innovation Camp is an intensive 3-day workshop where students

  1. are presented with a common general innovation challenge
  2. define the specific problem they want to solve
  3. generate, develop and evaluate ideas and concepts
  4. develop a business model for their idea
  5. present their idea and business model
  6. vote for the best presentations

The workshop format is group work in groups of up to 6 students.

The Innovation Camp is developed for first semester business students, but since it doesn’t require specific business skills it can be organized for any line of study that has innovation as a priority.

Each group is guided through the process by a facilitator. Recommended facilitators are students who have been through the Innovation Camp or similar processes themselves.

Innovation Camps work best with large groups of students and has been organized for groups of more than 200 students in about 35 groups.

Innovation Camps require access to workspaces for groups. Preferably open spaces, but ordinary classrooms are also suited as workspaces for 3-4 groups if tables can be organized in group tables for up to 6 people.

Innovation Camp is planned for 3 all-day workshops, but has also been applied with other schedules:

  • 5 day workshop during introduction weeks with other introduction elements scheduled each day.
  • 2 day hyper-intensive workshop where students work all evening – and maybe even some of the night – during the first day.



Step-by-step guide to the Innovation Camp process (pdf)….

Sample program for a 3-day Innovation Camp (pdf)…

The Camp Model for Entrepreneurship Teaching (academic article by professor Torben Bager) – pdf…


Why and motivation for an innovation camp

The concept of an innovation camp follows the basic principles of the IDEA camp methods and offers an opportunity for facilitators and teachers to work along the methods of problem based learning in an intense and out of class room learning event.