External partners

The role of external partners can be:

  • Defining the problem – it is very motivating when the camp challenge is an authentic problem or challenge presented directly by the problem owner. If external partners like companies don’t want to reveal the specific problems they are currently struggling with, they may be willing to present a more general and open problem.
  • Experts – a short speech or lecture of 30-40 minutes by an expert in the field of the challenge can be very inspiring.
  • Professional helpers – for visualization it can be very helpful to have professional helpers who are good at illustrating or visualizing.
  • Evaluators – by having a panel of judges who listen to presentations and evaluate at the end of the proces can also be very motivating for participants.

To do-list regarding experts

  • Find suitable potential partners.
  • Invite or ask relevant partners.
  • Thank them for accepting to participate and check if they will participate in lunch/dinner.
  • Order lunch/dinner for experts (if wanted).
  • Organize gifts or payment.
  • Place external partners in the programme.
  • Arrange for reception of expert guests at the camp and prepare instuctions for guests.
  • Present guests and thank them for participating and hand over gifts before they leave.
  • Thank them by email for participating after the event.