Camp leader

The camp leader has general responsibiliy for organising, planning, running and evaluating the camp.

Planning the camp

The camp leaders job is to do the following:

  • Plan date and time of the event
  • Book facilities, equipment and accomodation.
  • Agree on level of food and drink.
  • Invite, register and follow up on participants.
  • Group formation.
  • Appoint camp leader.
  • Appoinment with and training of facilitators.
  • Appointment with speakers (if necessary).
  • Appointment with judges.
  • Appointment with professional helpers (if necessary)
  • Define creative and innovative methods according to the problem/challenge.
  • Detailed script/scenario for the camp.
  • Define and get prizes (if any).
  • Arrange payment or gifts for external helpers.
  • Make a budget.
  • Press contact (if any)
  • Copy or prepare materials.

The camp leader will be present all through the camp and will be ”connecting the dots” by

  • Opening the camp
  • Introducing exercises
  • Introducing guests
  • Presenting prizes
  • Closing the camp

Before the camp

Practical things to do for the camp leader before the camp:

  • Bring audiovisual aids and make sure they work (projector, screen, black-/whiteboard, flipover).
  • Bring slidsshows and laptop.
  • Bring camp program in print.
  • Bring copied materials.
  • Pens, paper, siccors, glue sticks, sticky notes etc.

During the camp

  • Check table setting and audivisual aids.
  • Check laptop and sound.
  • Sort and distribute materials (could be in boxes)
  • Check with reception (keys, copying and facilities according to timeplan.
  • Check with kitchen (time plan, number of participants, guests).
  • Start welcoming slideshow and music on projector.