Day 2

Day 2 – Creativity

The day starts with energizers and 3D-exercises to make participants take on their creative attitude again.

Idea development 3

Time Activity Responsibility Methods Place Materials
1 hour Ideation Facilitator Apply:

  • What happens next?
  • Over again
  • New guess

…on the problem. Do it while you write down ideas on pad notes or sticky notes.

Group area Stimuli cardsPad notes/sticky notes
1 hour Selection Facilitator Categorize ideas:

  • select an idea each among the recently developed ideas.
  • Help eachother develop each idea in groups of two.
  • Prepare presentation to ”sister group”.
  • Presentations should involve participants from the sister-group so they can experience how the solution will work on them.
Group area Prototyping equipment
1 hour Presentation Facillitator Groups gather in teams of two groups.Exercise:

  • Look, there goes a mammoth (training).

Present all the selected ideas for the ”sister group”.

Groups keep developing the ideas by using:

  • what happens next?
  • over again.
  • new guess.

…to develop each others ideas.

Group area Stimuli cards
1 hour Idea development Facillitator Staging the group rooms:Hang up Chistmas decorations, light candles, put on music etc.The room must give the participants energy to work horisontally again. Group area CandyDecorationEtc. 

Idea development 4

Time Activity Responsibility Methods Place Materials
1 hour Ideation Facilitator Exercises:

  • Nouns meet (training)
  • Principle cards (task focus)
  • Things meet (training)
  • Priciple cards (task focus)
  • Find principles (training)
  • Things meet principles (training)
  • Principle cards (task focus)
Group area Principle cardsBox of random things


Phase 2 – Innovation – from idea to value

Time Activity Responsibility Methods Place Materials
30 min. Idea selection 1 Facilitator Internal idea selection:Rank ideas according to selection criteria.Exercises:

  • Self defined criteria: Each participant evaluates ideas according to self defined criteria and present the result in the group.
  • NAF-method: The group collectively selects ideas according to the NAF-method.
Group area Flip over sheets
1 hour Idea selection 2 Camp leader External idea selection:Three selected ideas are presented in plenum.3-5 minutes presentations for each group.Response cards from groups in plenum. Plenum Flip over sheetsResponse cards
2 hours Koncept development Facilitator Build a concept around the idea.Use IDEA Business Model Game.Exercises in the game:

  • Basic idea
  • User profile
  • Function
  • Who does what?
  • Protecting idea an concept
  • Competition
  • New opportunities

A group member writes down the results.

Group area Business Model Game

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