Day 1

Camp Example:

Day 1 – Creativity

Phase 1: Prepare idea development

Introduction to camp and group presentations. In this phase we find the exercises that promotes creative cooperation.

Time Activity Responsibility Methods Place Materials
Prepare camp
Preparation – before arrival Camp leader Introduce camp secretary and facilitators to camp purpose and principles.Check arrangment in camp rooms.
15 min. Check in – accomodation Facilitator Participants get their rooms, leave luggage there and go to group rooms. Reception Welcome package to all (paper and pens) to use during the camp.
30 min. Group identity Facilitator Exercises:

  • Childhood dream (+ name badge with childhood dream) (training).
  • 2 truths and 1 lie (training)- Make 5 commandments for group work.
  • Make a name and slogan for the group, stage the room and prepare presentation.
Group areas – Flip-over sheets- Blank name badges- Coloured markers/pens
1 time Welcome Camp leader Exercises:

  • Childhood dream (training)- Hand clap 1, 2 and 3 (training)
  • Tell your day backwards (training)

Introduction to camps:

  • Way of working.
  • Role of the facilitator, camp leader and camp secretary.
  • Group presentations.
  • Camp rules
  • Collect mobile phones and watches)


  • Yes, we made a mistake (training)
Plenum Stop watchHonk horn
30 min. Challenge Problem owner or camp leader Present challenge


  • Give presents (training)
  • Plan a holiday together (training)
Group area Stimuli cardsPicturesPerson cards

Idea development 1

Time Activity Responsibility Methods Place Materials
1 hour Ideation Facilitator Exercises:

  • Reverse brainstorm (task focus)
  • Develop a bicycle together (training)
  • Person card (task focus)
  • Plan a trip to the moon (training)
  • Stimuli cards (task focus)
  • Develop a bus together (training)
  • Picture stimuli (task focus)
Group area Stimuli cardsPicturesPerson cards
1 hour Selection Facilitator Select all exiting ideas.Help eachother develop every idea in groups of two.Groups prepare presentation of all selected ideas for problem owner. Group area Flip-over sheets
30 min. Presentation Facilitator and problem owner Exercise:

  • Giant – Troll – Dwarf (training)

Presentation for problem owner.

Feedback from problem owner: What has already been done? What sounds exiting? Feedback should also clear all misunderstandings.

Idea Development 2

Time Activity Responsibility Methods Place Materials
1 hour Ideation Facilitator Exercise:

  • Collective monologue (training)
  • Yes and… Communication (traning)
  • Provocation cards (task focus).
  • What is the opposite of… (training)
Group area Provocation cards
1 hour Selection Facilitator Select one exiting idea each. Help eachother develop each idea in groups of two.The group chooses the idea that they feel have the the highest potential.The group prepares a presentation of the chosen idea for all (incl. problem owner).
1 hour Presentation Camp leader Exercises:

  • Stork – Frog – Pregnant woman (training)

Presentation for all.

Silent feedback given anonimously by all (incl. problem owner) on pad notes or sticky notes after presentations.

Groups gather to read feedback.

Facilitator rounds up the day with positive feedback.

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