Training for entrepreneurship has gained a high level of priority at European level The importance of entrepreneurship as one of the basic skills to be provided through life-long learning is today widely recognized Encouraging the enterprise spirit is a key element to create jobs and improving competitiveness and economic growth throughout Europe

The aim of European Entrepreneurs Campus is to meet the challenges raised in the reports of the Expert Groups on Entrepreneurship, and others gaps detected by the partners. It will be acheived transferring and adapting innovative practices developed by IDEA (South Denmark University). The overall objective of the project is to lay the foundations for a multidisciplinary model to promote entrepreneurship in VET and higher education.

To achieve this aim, the specific objectives are:

  • To transfer the IDEA Entrepreneurship Centre activities based on PPBL Methodology and adapting them to VET needs.
  • To transfer didactical material and tools for trainers and adapting them for VET teachers training.
  • To support participants in training activities in the use of experience-based teaching methods.
  • To set up a working group to develop contents, tools and activities that improve the quality in entrepreneurship training, like key competence en VET system.
  • To involve business people in entrepreneurship training, especially of small and micro enterprises.
  • To provide indicators to evaluate results and impact of training activities.

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IDEA Entrepreneurship Centre is a cross-campus and cross-faculty competence centre at the University of Southern Denmark aimed to promote entrepreneurship education and training. The centre organizes regular entrepreneurship courses at the Masters and Ph.D. level in addition to non-curriculum activities such as university-business events, start-up facilitation as well as innovation camps and summer schools for entrepreneurial students. The centre also provides teachers in the field with training support and educational tools such as a textbook, a business model construction tool, video cases and other e-tools.

The long term perspective of the centre is to transform the University of Southern Denmark to an entrepreneurial university where students in addition to deep knowledge of their chosen study area acquire competences on application of scientific knowledge in interdisciplinary and innovative contexts.

In order to reach this overall goal IDEA works closely with external partners such as entrepreneurs, business leaders, advisers and investors. IDEA is deeply committed to create a win-win situation for students and businesses, providing students with practical knowledge and learning environments outside the university while at the same time providing businesses with a pool of fresh knowledge and energy through student involvement.

IDEA was started by the Danish Government in 2005 as a national consortium for promotion and dissemination of entrepreneurship education across Danish universities and Higher Educational Institutions.

In 2010 the IDEA consortium was transformed to a university centre and renamed to IDEA Entrepreneurship Centre.

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